Help fund the Triple G Relief non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

100% of all donated funds go to helping purchase food and supplies whenever we are deployed to a natural disaster zone. We are currently on our way to Houston to help provide relief to those affected by Hurricane Harvey, we sure could use your help.

In 2013 we served nearly 20,000 plates of quality meals to those who needed it the most! And since our beginnings we have served in excess of 186,000 plates with 470 volunteers at 11 different deployments. We believe in serving high protein, energizing and fulfilling meals cooked on the spot! Doing it this way we believe fullfills the needs of those going thru these difficult times of loss and those who have come to volunteer in the recovery efforts the best.

No microwave here! Just good ol boys, a giant smoker, some real heart and one hell of a show!