Corporate and Triple G Relief Charter Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorships are key to the success of any nonprofit organization. We rely on corporate donors to help fuel the fire we started. Their support enables us to continue our success in bringing some of the most important factors to the forefront of devastation when a natural disaster strikes. We have a proven track record, a dedicated and growing base of hardworking volunteers. We have the ability to provide and serve quality food that everyone needs to survive, re-energize and re-group. We are proud of our organization and you will be as well.

All of us at Triple G Relief have one goal… TO SERVE.

Triple G Relief is growing at a rapid rate and we have a dedicated management team ready to take this organization to the top. We are seeking corporate sponsors who are ready to help us continue our goals and to serve by our side.
Based on pledge amounts and negotiations, all corporate sponsors will have the option to be featured on our website with direct links to your homepage. Sponsors will be listed in any marketing publications, print media, and given advertising space on vehicles, trailers, equipment and apparel. Your company could have the exclusive option for us to use only your product line in the field. We would also help host various promotions and events on the location of your choice during nondisaster deployment times. We are open to discussing any further requests.

We have successfully completed over an entire year of service since our organization was established as a Texas non-profit organization. We are very excited to announce that we have officially been classified as a National 501 (3)(c) non-profit organization. Thanks to this wonderful news, every donation is considered a charitable contribution that will help the lives of many while also providing great tax advantages.

With that in mind, we have decided to open up five $50,000 spots to become a Triple G Relief Charter Sponsor. This five-year commitment includes the option of being on our board of directors, listed on all advertising spaces offered and will host various promotions and events on the location of your choice during nondisaster deployment times. As a Charter Sponsor we will also hand-build a custom trailer smoker in the business or family name of your choice. The greatest benefit of them all, though…

Providing for thousands in need for years to come.

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